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Parenting A House United has been significantly improved and the 2nd Edition is ready for pre-sale.

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The Second Edition of
Parenting A House United

More Detailed

  • Adds even more depth on TSG topics and problem-solving at home
  • Gives even more specific instruction for parenting small children​
  • Has been updated to include help for modern parenting issues relating to technology and social changes


  • Clarifies vital teachings
  • Is easier to understand
  • Removes redundancy
  • The grammatical editing has received more attention

Better Direction

  • Increases happiness and family bonding
  • Helps set up the environment for changing hearts
  • Helps understand and reach teens better
  • Unifies husbands and wives


  • Makes TSG implementation easier
  • More organized content structure
  • Has updated and easier to use meeting formats
  • And more!

Free preview

Don’t take my word for it. Read the rewritten introduction and begin to see how this 2nd edition was worth the many years I’ve put into it.

Humble beginnings

In 2009, I wrote my first book; all 377 pages of it. I never thought of myself as an author before that time, so the book was a miracle, to say the least. I was so surprised when, year after year, Teaching Self-Government sold increasingly more Parenting A House United books. Praise and gratitude continue to come in from people, after all these years, for the skills and principles taught in the book.

Readers say

My children are grown and all of my four girls have listened to your book, “Teaching Self-Government” It has made them wonderful moms and my grandchildren are well behaved and happy people.

Linda Clardy

My family & I have been immensely blessed by the true principles at the heart of the Teaching Self-Government system.

DD Black

Eleven years after its original release, Parenting A House Untied has sold over 50,000 copies and has been translated into multiple languages.

So why, after so many years and so much success, did I decide to publish a second edition?

  • I’m a better writer now. It’s time my book reflects that.
  • I’ve answered too many of the same questions for too long. It’s time to add more clarification.
  • The original book had some repetitive parts that needed fixing.
  • Specific age groups needed more targeted teaching.
  • Some data was outdated and needed to be revised.
  • Most importantly, *I know more today, 11 years later, about what families need to really thrive with the TSG process.*
  • Finally, we needed other versions for different groups of people: Regular version, secular version, and hardback version.
Parenting A House United Book Cover

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All three new editions of Parenting A House United are available for one-time-only pre-sale pricing. We plan to start shipping in June.

Parenting A House United Second Edition has taken me more years to complete than the first edition took. I, and a team of dedicated editors and content reviewers, have worked for 5 years on this project to better help heal and strengthen your family relationships. The mission of Teaching Self-Government is to free families around the world from the emotional bondage that breaks family bonds, isolates family members, causes stress and frustration, increases anxiety and lack of understanding, and decreases familial happiness and unified purpose. This book is now fully ready to be the key ingredient to that journey toward family freedom and unity. Celebrate with us today by reserving your pre-sale copy!

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